Hear the Voice and Prayer explores the world of religious belief and practice in the tumultuous years of Christian change between Martin Luther to John Wesley.

Here you will find the episodes that make up this project and more information on each.

Episode 1

In the introductory episode of Hear the Voice and Prayer Mark Quanstrom and host Kyle Robinson discuss the state of Reformation knowledge among contemporary Protestantism, John Wesley’s place in the Long Reformation, and much more.

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Episode 2

The Reformation changed almost everything in European society including what we eat and when we eat it. As we will discover, food even helped launch the Reformation in Zurich. Host Kyle Robinson and Terrence Guy discuss the history of diet’s relationship to the history of belief, giving us all some food for thought.

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Episode 3

The sixteenth century world that gave birth to the Reformation was also an enchanted world of mystical and magical experience. Enchanted reality did not suddenly disappear with The 95 Theses. To understand the magical spirit world of Reformation belief in the English example, Kole Bowling has a ghoulish conversation with host Kyle Robinson.

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Episode 4

Every form of Christian worship was influenced by the transformations of Long Reformation including hymn singing. To discuss the meaning and purpose of hymns for the Church of England in the early eighteenth century, Jacob Fryer joins host Kyle Robinson.

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Episode 5

How did the bloodiest day in the history of the Reformation in France become a play by one of Elizabethan England’s greatest authors? To explain the story of Christopher Marlowe and the Saint Bartholomew’s Day massacre, host Kyle Robinson is joined by Amber Williamson.

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Episode 6

Martin Luther is best known as the man who lit the match that became the Reformation fire whose theological writing exude theological certitude and assurance. Yet, he was also a man racked by a constant sense of evil and tribulation. To explore Martin Luther and his experience of both the Devil and salvation, Noah Garcia…

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Episode 7

Encounter with the “other” is a key way that groups form definitions. For eighteenth century Englishmen there was no greater “other” than the Continental Catholic, and no greater way to observe them than with a Grand Tour. To understand the religious narratives in eighteenth century Grand Tours, Nathan Rohrer joins host Kyle Robinson.

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Episode 8

Coinciding with the expansion of European Empires, the Reformation became a global phenomenon. For the French, their conquests in North America soon became battle grounds for the revitalized spirit of the Catholic Reformation. Mack Brza joins host Kyle Robinson to discuss the nuances, violence, and exchanges of Catholic mission in New France.

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Episode 9

Art is a window into past worlds. Yet, so much of the Reformation is associated with iconoclasm, or, the destruction of religious art. Thankfully, Abrecht Dürer managed to find a medium that captured and endured religious transformation. In this episode Sara Waskow joins host Kyle Robinson to examine Durer and his art amidst sixteenth century…

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Episode 10

In the final episode of this series of Hear the Voice and Prayer Janae Kennedy joins host Kyle Robinson for a look at the more humorous side of Luther’s personality as well as an extended discussion on the importance of the history of the body for understanding the Reformation.

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